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All things are possible with LeBron 
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Сообщение  All things are possible with LeBron
At the end of the day, if we win, it doesn't matter," LeBron said on Saturday. "It doesn't matter. We take care of business tomorrow and we put ourselves in position to win. If we come out victorious, I don't think there's going to be guys talking about over the summer how bad or Kevin wasn't -- he didn't play well. He had three fouls in the first half in Game 6.

You remember Kevinpicked up that third foul that wasn't a foul? I don't think anybody's going to say that. They're going to say Kevin Love is a champion. That's all that matters."And Ty Lue, the neophyte coach thrown into this cauldron when LeBron and NBA Live Mobile Coins everyone else had grown tired of David Blatt. Lue not only acquitted himself well, he outmaneuvered the reigning Coach of the Year. All throughout the process,

LeBron praised Lue's game plans and they proved to be correct.And what of J.R. Smith, the wayward vagabond who found a home in Cleveland? Brought in by Griffin at last year's trade deadline, LeBron said he'd handle the mercurial guard and provide structure, and he did. It was Smith, who erased a halftime deficit with a flurry of shots early in the third quarter, and it was Smith who cried real tears of redemption for a career that many thought impossible.

All things are possible with LeBron. He came back to Buy NBA Live 18 Coins Cleveland with designs of winning a championship, not just for the city that thirsted for one, but for himself and for the region that raised and nurtured him. He refused to play into our storybook storylines and wouldn't accept anything less than acceptance on his own terms. We can believe in LeBron. His is one of the most enduring athletic journeys of this or any other generation.

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